From Mississippi Exprt Railroad’s (MSE) incorporation in 1922, the locomotive maintenance crew worked in an old wooden pol barn, affectionately dubbed ‘the Shack’, Destroyed by Hurricane Frederick in 1979, it was replaced by a new, larger, and modern facility known as ‘the Britt Shop’, that was built to accommodate repairs on locomotives and railcars.

Today, MSE employs experienced and qualified locomotive railcar technicians to perform a full range of repairs on locomotives, aluminum railcars, and steel railcars as well as administering preventative maintenance programs. Holding an AAR M-1003 & AAR M-1002 (C6) certification makes it a one-stop-shop for car repair, storage, and cleaning.

Our Services

  • AAR/FRA Running Defects
  • AEI tags
  • Heavy Freight Car Repair
  • Inspection/Assessment
  • Railcar General Repair
  • Wreck Repair
  • Locomotive Leasing
  • Locomotive Maintenance
  • Locomotive Repairs
  • Railcar Cleaning
  • Railcar Air Brake Testing
  • Railcar Interchange/Condition Inspecation